Connecting companies with capital since 2012

Supporting your sustainable long-term growth

ELITE, launched in 2012 by Borsa Italiana and now part of Euronext Group, is the European network of private SMEs which accelerates the process to access private and public capital markets. ELITE’s mission is to support companies by connecting them to capital, skills and network to drive their sustainable growth in the long-term.


Based on a unique offer of services and solutions, ELITE combines a calendar of workshops and coaching sessions, supporting entrepreneurs and executives upskilling and empowering their strategic plan and business opportunities. ELITE Companies’ management teams are also guided on how to fast-track their development and how to access the most suitable funding options for their needs, whether the Basket Bonds®, institutional investors, private equity, venture capital or equity markets.


With over 2000 companies and 200 partners admitted since the launch, about €20 billion have been raised by ELITE businesses through 1300+ corporate transactions, highlighting how dynamic SMEs are once they are provided with an efficient access to private and public markets.


What are the benefits for companies?


• Access to multiple funding options to support your long-term growth journey
• Empower leadership and management skills to access new expertise
• Provide business opportunities and visibility to scale your business
• Connect with an outstanding pan-European Network that facilitates long-term engagement with multiple stakeholders


Partnering with Budapest Stock Exchange since 2017

Breaking down the geographical barriers, ELITE launched a successful partnership with Budapest Stock Exchange to serve the best Hungarian SMEs to scale faster and sustainably.


The ELITE offer is built around three pillars:

1. Access to skillset and expertise, via a proprietary training programme covering a range of topics, from growth strategy to innovation and internationalization, from risk management to corporate governance to funding options.
2. Access to an international network: ELITE members benefit from exposure to leading peers and advisors, as well as media coverage and access to exclusive events.
3. Access to growth capital, via traditional or alternative funding solutions, acting as a bridge from private to public.


To date over 60 Hungarian companies joined the ecosystem, generating €1.3 billion in aggregate revenue, representing
19 sectors and employing over 5100 people. 6 ELITE Hungarian companies (Megakrán, DM-KER, Gloster, ViVeTech, Astrasun Solar, Goodwill Pharma) listed their shares on BSE’s public markets to access capital for growth, and further 7 companies issued bonds on BÉT Xbond.


Businesses join ELITE because it is a stamp of quality, to raise their ambitions further and to gather inputs and insights to push even more on their growth.



Interview with Ghibli Szállítmányozási Kft., member of the ELITE community


Why did you start the programme?

Our goal is for Ghibli to become listed on the stock market as soon as possible; and to do that with a strategy and capabilities that can ensure our long-term growth.


How did ELITE support your company's growth?

During the ELITE programme, we were prompted to look at our company from new, practical perspectives, and were offered possible solutions to our challenges we had not thought about before. Adopting this special mindset in our strategy-making processes is a huge help during our journey to become public.

How is your company acting as a game changer in the landscape?

As a result of our company's enhanced strategic awareness, we have been growing by over 40% in the second year of our ELITE training, which is three times the average growth in our sector. The fact that we could easily transfer the strategic approach learned during the ELITE training to our company's senior and middle managers is a crucial element of this success.

Why can ELITE be the game-changing opportunity companies should consider?

We had the opportunity to meet company managers from several European countries who struggle with challenges very similar to ours, and are looking for the way to continuous growth, just like we do. Sharing our experience with each other served as a great inspiration for us in laying the foundations of our future growth, defining the direction of our development, and preparing for challenges waiting ahead.


WHY JOIN? Become an ELITE company


We offer you a wide range of live and on-demand training courses from leveraging on top business schools’ faculties and our network of partners.


Being part of an innovation-driven network has never been more important. Also, all ELITE members are selected and approved by an internal committee, and this means you can access top class executives.


Access a high-touch service through relationship managers, a one-stop-shop for strategic initiatives and receive support through the expertise of ELITE qualified advisors and partners.



ELITE is the most time and cost-effective way to connect you with multiple funding solutions to scale your business.